Important information on using the RUHR.TOPCARD

Please note the following information and the applicable Terms & Conditions to be able to use your RUHR.TOPCARD (RTC) without issues:

  1. The RTC is non-transferable. In the event of misuse, it shall be retained by the cashiers.
  2. Please sign your RTC and write your first and last names before first use. RTCs without a signature are invalid and shall not be accepted by the service provider.
  3. Please make a note of the numbers of your RTCs in the appropriate fields at the bottom left-hand side. These are absolutely necessary in the event of any follow-up questions.
  4. In the event of theft or loss, the holder does not have a right to a replacement card.
  5. Your RTC is only valid in conjunction with a current photo ID. Tip for small children: Bring a copy of their birth certificate.
  6. Children born between 2006 and 2015 need an RTC for children. A maximum of three infants born since 2016 (included) are admitted free of charge when accompanied by an adult RTC holder. "Half-price" admissions are excluded. Should the partner’s service description not state that there is a discount on the children’s price, the discount for children shall apply to the regular adult admission price.
  7. Some RTC offers have only limited places. We therefore recommend that reservations be made early. The holder has no right to replacement or other compensation in the event that services are fully booked or cancelled.
  8. Please check for current service changes (changes to opening hours, conversions, closures, etc.) on the websites of our service partners and on
Info Hotline
+49 1806.1816180
(€ 0,20/call from German landline;
€ 0,60/call from the mobile phone network.)

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