Important information on using the RUHR.TOPCARD

Please note the following information and the applicable Terms & Conditions to be able to use your RUHR.TOPCARD (RTC) without issues:

  1. The RTC is non-transferable
    In the event of misuse, it shall be retained by the cashiers. Please pay attention to the applicable terms and conditions. 
  2. Identity card
    Your RTC is only valid in conjunction with a current photo ID. Tip for small children: Bring a copy of their birth certificate.
  3. Theft / loss
    In the event of theft or loss, the holder does not have a right to a replacement card.
  4.  Not valid for special events
    Your RTC is not valid for special events unless it is clearly mentioned in the service described, that you can also use your RTC at special events.
  5. Child regulation
    Infants (born between 2018-2022):

    A maximum of three infants accompanied by an adult RUHR.TOPCARD holder have free entry to the "free entry" offers. Exceptions are the "Half Price" attractions, unless the partner's card benefit states that free admission is also possible here. 
    Children (born between 2008-2017): 
    For children a separate child RUHR.TOPCARD is required. With this card the "free admission" offers can be visited once free of charge. For visits to the "Half Price" excursion destinations, the following applies: if the card benefit does not state that there is a reduction on the children's price, the reduction on the adult price applies. 
  6. Reservations 
    Some RTC offers have only limited places and due to unforseen circumstances reservations might be necessary. We therefore recommend that reservations be made early. The holder has no right to replacement or other compensation in the event that services are fully booked or cancelled. If you do not cancel your reservation in time, the offer will be booked as visited even though you have not made use of this offer.
  7.  No combination of discounts
    Your RTC cannot be combined with other discounts of our partners. 
  8. Changes
    Please check for current service changes (changes to opening hours, conversions, closures, etc.) on the websites of our service partners and here. 
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