Date: 29.10.2020

Dear RUHR.TOPCARD-holder,

Due to the continously increasing numbers of corona-infections, the German government decided to apply new measures, which also affect the RUHR.TOPCARD. Because of those new regulations leisure attractions, institutions and similar destinations have to stay closed. Amongst these are as follows:

a. Theatres, Operas, Concert Halls and others.
b. Fais, Cinemas, Theme Parks and other providers of leisure activities inside as well as outside.
c. Leisure and amateure sport activtities with exemption from individual sport activtities.
d. Swimming and leisure pools as well as saunas and thermal baths.

These regulations will approximately last until the end of November

The Robert-Koch-Institute and the State NRW provides you with all information on current infection numbers as well as local regulations. Here you can find the the up-to-date regulations. For an overview card you can have a look at RKI's Dashboard.

An extended right of return applies to the purchase of RUHR.TOPCARD 2021. If you change your mind, you can return your unused RUHR.TOPCARD 2021 until 31.03.2021. Please note that the right of return only applies to unused cards for the year 2021 and that the refund of the purchase price (less shipping costs for online orders) is only possible at the point of sale where the card was purchased. For a smooth refund, please keep the purchase receipt.


Due to the previous pandemic-related outage, the period of use for the RUHR.TOPCARD 2020 will be extended by two months. Thus, the current regulation provides that you can use your RUHR.TOPCARD. All participating partners that you have not yet visited in 2020 can be visited. Double use of one-time free partners is not possible. Should it be necessary to close partners again for a longer period of time, we will reassess the situation. 
We would have liked to inform you earlier, but as you know, RUHR.TOPCARD has a colourful and varied range of services - this also means a major need for coordination and numerous discussions with our many partners. An overview of the partners who have already confirmed their participation in the scheme can be found here


Corona FAQs

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Is it possible to return an unused card?

How are reservations and cancelations handled?

Thanks for your understanding
Many customers have expressed their solidarity and understanding over the last few days - we would like to take this opportunity to thank them warmly.
Please always bear in mind that this crisis does not only affect RUHR.TOPCARD itself, but that our long-term partners are also increasingly faced with financial challenges. We would like to overcome this crisis together with you and our partners in order to be able to offer you the usual variety of experiences "after corona".

We will keep you up to date and thank you very much for your patience!

Best regards