Lehmbruck Museum

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Discover one of the most outstanding museums of the post-war period! The Lehmbruck Museum is home to a unique collection of sculptures, with works by Lehmbruck, Picasso and many others. It features an exquisite collection of paintings with an emphasis on expressionism. The programme is rounded off with events such as the “plastikBAR” as well as the acclaimed art education service, which has been developing programmes for groups, families, school classes and kindergartens for more than two decades, but also programmes for the hearing-impaired, the visually-impaired and people suffering from dementia. This variety makes the museum into an extraordinary place for communication between people and art.

Combine the Lehmbruck museum visit with a trip to the Casino Duisburg (Duisburg casino) or the Innenhafen Duisburg (Duisburg inland harbour).


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Euro 9

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Friedrich-Wilhelm-Straße 40
47051 Duisburg
Tel. 0203 283-3294 /-2630