Tierpark + Fossilium Bochum

Adventure, fun & action

Discover some 4,000 animals in more than 300 species! At Bochum Wildlife Park + Fossil Collection, you can admire black vultures, curious meerkats and ancient giant tortoises. Experience the new WORLDS OF ASIA, with the pigmy otters, porcupines and binturongs, and explore the night time jungle, where sugar gliders and slender lorises welcome you. Head to the NORTH SEA WORLDS to visit the seals and wading birds, or visit the AQUARIUM AND TERRARIUM HOUSE, with ancient fossils millions of years old. Fish swim and primates climb in your midst. The petting zoo, the show kitchen where the animals’ food is prepared, and the playground are highlights for the whole family.


One free entry.

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Euro 7

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Address & Contact

Klinikstr. 49
44791 Bochum
Tel. 0234 950290