Naturmuseum Dortmund

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Exciting discoveries await you at Dortmund Nature Museum. The new permanent exhibition focuses fully on regional nature – in the past and the present. Embark on a journey through different habitats with the animals and plants of Dortmund city centre to the river Ruhr, and marvel at the native species of fish in the aquarium. The skeleton of a genuine mammoth, huge ammonites, dinosaurs and fossils from the stone age are all on display in the geological exhibition. Dortmund Nature Museum also brings the whole world under its roof with special exhibitions: you can therefore look forward to learning exiting things about nature from other regions and countries.


One free admission to a special exhibition subject to a charge. Current special exhibitions at The offer is temporarily unavailable during changeovers between special exhibitions.

Price without RUHR.TOPCARD

6 Euro

opening hours

You can find detailed information on opening hours and special events here.

Address & Contact

Münsterstr. 271
44145 Dortmund
Tel. 0231 5024856

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