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Discover a genuine treasure trove! In an impressive architectural setting, splendid treasures bear witness to the cultural past of the region. The Essen cathedral treasury is one of the most important church treasuries in Germany. The treasury of the former Canonesses of Essen, which existed from 850 to 1803, is home to works of art that are unique in the world – mainly from the early Middle Ages. These include the Golden Madonna, the oldest three-dimensional sculpture of Mary, and the Essen Sword. Visitors can also admire the world’s oldest lily crown as well as valuable crosses. Incidentally, the treasure trove has been allowed to itself a “cathedral treasury” ever since the foundation of the diocese of Essen in 1958 and the naming of the former collegiate church as a bishop's church.

We also recommend taking inspiration from the creative ideas in the Unperfekthaus (Imperfect House), also in Essen.


One free admission to the cathedral treasury. Is not valid for participation in guided tours.

Price without RUHR.TOPCARD

Euro 4

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Burgplatz 2
45127 Essen
Tel. 0201 2204206

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