RVR Besucherzentrum NaturForum Bislicher Insel

Adventure, fun & action

Welcome to a fairy-tale floodplain! Experience the thrilling nature of the Lower Rhine at first hand, and get surprising answers to interesting questions. What exactly is a floodplain? How big is a beaver and what distinguishes it from a muskrat and other creatures? The permanent exhibition on the floodplain (AuenGeschichten) at the RVR Nature Forum tells you all about the region’s wildlife, the floods of the past, and the influence of people on the local environment. The Nature Forum is also the starting point for hikes and guided tours of Bislicher Island nature reserve. Those who prefer to take it easy can sit on a bench under the shade of the age-old fruit trees and enjoy the surrounding nature.

We also recommend a bicycle tour on the nearby Römer-Lippe-Route. (Roman Lippe Route).


One free admission to the AuenGeschichten exhibition

Price without RUHR.TOPCARD

Euro 3

opening hours

You can find detailed information on opening hours and special events here.

Address & Contact

Bislicher Insel 11
46509 Xanten
Tel. 02801 988230

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