Nationales Naturmonument Kluterthöhle

Adventure, fun & action

Some 385 million years ago, today’s town of Ennepetal was the site of a tropical ocean on the shores of the continent. At the only National Nature Monument in the Ruhr district, visitors are able to walk, squeeze or crawl their way through the best-preserved fossilized coral reef in Europe. This is where you get to see an unbelievable variety of fossilized reef wildlife. Immerse yourself in a fascinating world and discover the extraordinarily well-preserved fossils. If you pay close attention, you will recognise the fossils that you see in the cave on your subsequent visit to the GeoPark Ruhr information centre.


Free entry to the Erste Einfahrt (cave descent) guided tour.

Additional information

The Klutert Cave National Nature Monument is only open to visitors at specific times as part of a guided tour with an online reservation.

Price without RUHR.TOPCARD

Euro 10

opening hours

Detailed information on opening hours and special events is available here.

Address & Contact

Gasstraße 10
58256 Ennepetal
Tel. 02333-988011

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