Current state of our special partners

We are pleased that our Special Partners will soon be able to open their doors again. However, the visit is only possible under strict conditions regarding the number of visitors and the observance of hygiene measures. Under these circumstances the visit, as it was possible before the closure, is not feasible. In order to create the most pleasant and fair framework for the visit of our Special Partners, we have considered the following solution with the Odysseum Abenteuermuseun in Cologne and the Allwetterzoo in Münster: 

The Allwetterzoo Münster and the Odysseum Abenteuermuseum in Cologne offer one-time free admission for holders of the RUHR.TOPCARD 2020 in the period from 01.01.2021 - 28.02.2021. Card holders who have not yet visited the Special Partner in 2020 can visit either the Allwetterzoo Münster or the Odysseum in Cologne once free of charge during the period mentioned.  

For visits to the Odysseum Abenteuermuseum, as in the past, there will be a reservation requirement for selected dates. The reservation will be activated in time towards the end of 2020. A reservation for the Allwetterzoo Münster is not necessary.