Nationales Naturmonument Kluterthöhle

Adventure, fun & action

About 385 million years ago, a tropical sea surged onto the shores of the primeval continent with its offshore coral reef in Ennepetal. Today the Nationales Naturmonument Kluterthöhle is located on the same site. During one of the many guided tours, you will hike with cave guides through the middle of the petrified coral reef, which you can explore without getting your feet wet. Dive into a fascinating world and discover the extraordinarily well preserved petrified creatures. A visit to the GeoPark Ruhrgebiet e. V. information afterwards is particularly worthwhile by the way.


One free participation in the “Erste Einfahrt” [First entrance] guided tour.

opening hours

A visit to the Nationales Naturmonument Kluterthöhle is only possible at certain times as part of a guided tour. Tour times: www.kluterthö

Address & Contact

Gasstraße 10
58256 Ennepetal
Tel. 02333-988011