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Haltern am See 2,000 years ago: the Roman military complex Aliso is located on the banks of the river Lippe, and was the centre of Roman power on the right bank of the river Rhine. In the spring of 2016, the reconstructed Western Gate was opened with one part of the adjoining timber-earth wall and the two moats from the former Roman camp of Haltern. More than 1,200 original exhibits at the museum tell the story of the sophisticated culture and technical expertise of the Romans. With fascinating tours and a digital treasure hunt around the museum and its grounds, visitors learn about the world of the Romans both on location and at home!

We also recommend going for a stroll at Halterner Stausee (Haltern Reservoir).


One free entry to the permanent exhibition and LWL Aliso Roman building site

Price without RUHR.TOPCARD

Euro 6

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Weseler Straße 100
45721 Haltern am See
Tel. 02364 93760