LWL-Industriemuseum Zeche Nachtigall

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Nachtigall Colliery is situated at the beginning of the idyllic Muttental valley in Witten. It is here that mining first began in the Ruhr more than 300 years ago. At first, horizontal tunnels were driven into the mountain in order to find the “black gold”; these were followed by vertical mining shafts. In the low-level gangways of our visitors’ mine, visitors are able to experience the special atmosphere of this former working world. The site later became home to a quarry and brickyard. At our exhibitions, visitors can immerse themselves in the pioneering era of mining and the world of raw materials.

We also recommend going for a stroll at Kemnade Lake.


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Nachtigallstraße 35
58452 Witten
Tel. 02302 936640