LUDWIGGALERIE Schloss Oberhausen

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With its unique profile, the LUDWIG GALLERY at Schloss Oberhausen (Oberhausen Castle) is once again holding some spectacular exhibitions this year: In the spring, “ART ABOUT SHOES – from the poulaine to the sneaker. Special guest: Heiner Meyer – German pop art in the stiletto format (17.01. – 24.05.). In the small castle: “WALTER KUROWSKI – artist * caricaturist * cultural legend – showcase of works from 1956 – 2015“ (31.01. – 30.05.). Summer in the inner courtyard: “MUC – MUSEUM UNDER CONSTRUCTION – Welcome to the artistic building site!” (27.06. – 29.08.). In the autumn and winter “UNPUBLISHED – The comic scene tells all! – Strips and Stories from Wilhelm Busch to Flix.“ (3.10. – 16.01.2022).

Combine the visit to the LUDWIG GALLERY (LUDWIGGALERIE) in Oberhausen Castle with a detour to the Kaisergarten Oberhausen or the Arbeitersiedlung Eisenheim (worker’s town of Eisenheim).


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Euro 8

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