Fahrgastschiff "Seestern"

Boat cruises & swimming

Cast off for the Southern Lakes! Enjoy a completely new perspective of the old Roman city on a trip across the Northern and Southern Xanten Lakes. Nestling in idyllic scenery, the leisurely journey from Vynen harbour to Xanten harbour at Salmstraße 30 takes approximately 50 minutes. Cold drinks and tasty snacks are available at the onboard bistro at all times.


One free trip on the part of the route from Vynen harbour to Xanten harbour with binding reservation. Return journeys are available for an additional payment of Euro 6.

Additional information

Reservations are required. Please enter the password RUHR.TOPCARD in the “Surname” field and your first name and surname in the “First name” field. Passengers are not allowed to bring their own food and beverages onboard for consumption.

Price without RUHR.TOPCARD

Euro 7

opening hours

You can find detailed information on the timetable and special events here.

Address & Contact

Alt Vynscher Weg 5a
46509 Xanten (Vynen harbour)
Tel. 02804 9489958