Dechenhöhle und Deutsches Höhlenmuseum Iserlohn

Adventure, fun & action

Excitement, fun and knowledge in Germany's valley with the most caves: the monumental natural world of the Dechenhöhle [Dechen Cave] fascinates all ages alike. Mystical stalactites, dark abysses and bones of ice-age bears make some people shudder today. You can also find out everything about caves in the attached museum. How are they created? Where are the largest caves? And who already knows that dinosaur remains are found in some caves? A top excursion in any weather and at any time of year. Explore the Dechenhöhle with a guided tour on well-developed and illuminated paths – and at a pleasant 10 °C!

We also recommend making a detour to the sights of Hengsteysee and Harkortsee at Herdecke nearby.


One free visit to the Dechen cave as part of a 40-minute normal tour and visit to the museum on the same day.

Additional information

Is not valid for special events and on the following days: 12. & 13.04., 05. -08.11., 13. & 20. & 24. -26.12. Advance booking not required.

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You can find detailed information on opening hours and special events here.

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Dechenhöhle 5
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