Dear RUHR.TOPCARD holders, 

we are pleased that the incidences are decreasing and more and more openings are possible.
We summarise for you the latest regulations, which will apply throughout NRW from Friday 9th August:

In future, incidences will be classified into four levels:

Incidence 0 up to 10: less rules (incidence level 0)

Incidence 10,1 up to 35: strongly relaxed rules (incidence level 1).

Incidence over 35 to 50: relaxed rules (incidence level 2)

Incidence over 50 to 100: tightened rules (incidence level 3)

Incidence over 100: very strict rules ("emergency brake")

Stricter rules only come into force when the incidence of 35, 50 or 100 has been exceeded for three consecutive days. The stricter rules then apply from the day after next, i.e. the fifth day. In contrast to this, when the incidence level 0 is assigned to incidence level 1, the assignment is only made if the limit value is exceeded on eight consecutive days.

Relaxed rules come into force if the incidence is below the limit for five consecutive working days. The relaxed rules then apply from the day after next, i.e. the seventh day.

Please note: A negative Corona rapid test, full vaccination or recovery must be presented for all visits. (unless it is explicitly described otherwise)

A prerequisite for vaccinated persons is complete vaccination protection, i.e. receipt of two vaccinations for most vaccines. In addition, the final vaccination must have been given at least 14 days previously (so that the immunisation has fully developed).
For those who have recovered, it is a prerequisite that the illness occurred at least 28 days ago (so that there is no longer a risk of infection), but no more than 6 months ago (as there may no longer be sufficient immunisation after this time). However, if the person who has recovered has also received at least one vaccination, the 6-month limit does not apply.

Which partners can be visited depends on the incidence of the respective district or city. 
Please always check the websites of our partners before your visit.


We have tried our best to provide you with adequate compensation by extending the period of use until 30 April 2021. Unfortunately, however, there were again severe restrictions on visiting the excursion destinations during this period, so that no adequate compensation was possible.

A further extension of the period of use no longer seems expedient to us. We have therefore decided to end the extension period on 30.04.2021 and offer you a financial refund. The refund will be 1/6 of the purchase price of your RUHR.TOPCARD(s) 2020 and will be available until 31.12.2024.  

Here you can find all the information about the refund and what you need to do to get it. 


The Robert-Koch-Institute and the State NRW provides you with all information on current infection numbers as well as local regulations. Here you can find the the up-to-date regulations. For an overview card you can have a look at RKI's Dashboard.

Thanks for your understanding
Many customers have expressed their solidarity and understanding over the last few days - we would like to take this opportunity to thank them warmly.
Please always bear in mind that this crisis does not only affect RUHR.TOPCARD itself, but that our long-term partners are also increasingly faced with financial challenges. We would like to overcome this crisis together with you and our partners in order to be able to offer you the usual variety of experiences "after corona".

We will keep you up to date and thank you very much for your patience!

Best regards


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