Freizeitbad Atlantis Dorsten

Boat cruises & swimming

The mythical island kingdom of Atlantis was described by Plato as being a paradise for the Gods, but while Atlantis was doomed to destruction, Atlantis Dorsten leisure pool continues to provide swimmers with the opportunity to relax and enjoy themselves in a bathing paradise. Dive into a tropical landscape under a UV-permeable dome in the extensive oasis area, or visit the sauna suite, where you are invited to relax and enjoy yourself. Numerous water-based attractions await you which promise every amount of fun and adventure. Whether it is the five high-tech waterslides, the jet stream channel or the saltwater pool and waterfalls – everything invites you to enjoy a perfect holiday on your doorstep.

We also recommend a bicycle tour on the nearby Römer-Lippe-Route (Roman Lippe Route).


One free admission to the fun pool for the day. Admission to the sauna suite for the day: extra charge of 6.50 euros.

Additional information

Teenagers under the age of 18 may only enter the sauna area if accompanied by an adult.

Price without RUHR.TOPCARD

Euro 12

opening hours

You can find detailed information on opening hours and special events here.

Address & Contact

Konrad-Adenauer-Platz 1
46282 Dorsten
Tel. 02362 95170

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