Zeitreise Strom - Das Deutsche Elektrizitätsmuseum im Umspannwerk Recklinghausen

Discover Industrial Culture

Electricity in every appliance. What was an advertising promise 90 years ago is now part of everyday life. At this museum, you can experience the history of how rapidly electricity revolutionised our lives. Your journey through time takes you past old machinery, a 100-year-old tram and historic electric cars to the historic substation. Here, you can learn about the technology behind the transport and distribution of electricity, while the display area provides an insight into our collection. Despite this, electricity is not a historic topic. The topics of energy, networks, mobility and man-machine show you the visions that people have always associated with electricity and the visions for the future that we associate it with today. Giant plasma balls, old dial-up telephones and early video games are available for visitors to try out and enjoy themselves.


One free admission to the permanent exhibition including special exhibitions

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7 euros

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Uferstraße 2 – 4, Navi: Bochumer Straße 253
45663 Recklinghausen
Tel. 02361 9842216

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