Neanderthal Museum

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The famous Neanderthal Museum is situated a short distance from the place where Neanderthal man was first discovered more than 160 years ago. The visitors take a trip through the history of mankind – from our beginnings in Africa more than a million years ago to the present day. The lifelike reconstructions of our ancestors, such as the Neanderthal man “Mr. N”, the Australopithecus woman “Lucy” or the Neanderthal girl “Kina”, are especially popular. Varied presentations, hands-on exhibition stations, researcher boxes for rummaging through and the unique stone age playground for visitors both young and old ensure that a visit to the museum is a varied experience.



One free admission to the permanent exhibition and special exhibition

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A reservation is not required for the visit the museum.

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Euro 11

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You can find detailed information on opening hours and special events here.

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Talstraße 300
40822 Mettmann
Tel. 02104 97970

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