LVR-Industriemuseum Textilfabrik Cromford

Discover Industrial Culture

Marvel at the very first factory on the European continent! The museum exhibition tells the story of how the textile industry began. Industrial production, the story of the workers, the cotton mill and the ostentatious mansion of the industrial magnate Johann Gottfried Brügelmann can be visited here. At the heart of the factory are the functioning spinning machines which demonstrate how cotton was spun 200 years ago. Cromford Manor tells the story of the factory-owning family – both their business activities and their private lives.


One free admission to the permanent exhibition. Reserving a time slot is recommended for your visit.

Price without RUHR.TOPCARD

5 euros

opening hours

You can find detailed information on opening hours and special events here.

Address & Contact

Cromforder Allee 24
40878 Ratingen
Tel. 02234 9921555

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